Serra Pedra

čokoláda, nugát, mandľa, sušená slivka

Antonio Osvaldo Arantes Junior says the secret behind his excellent coffee is not magic but knowledge and practice. Born to an agronomist turned-coffee-farmer, Arantes Jr. grew up around coffee and continues to work to demonstrate to the world that “Ilicinea has everything that is needed to produce an excellent coffee and to serve as a reference for all who want to learn to grow together.”


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Brazil Serra Pedra

Region: Sul de Gerais, Ilicínea
Producer: Serra Pedra, Antonio O. Arantes
Process: Natural microlot
Altitude: 1110  masl.
Variety: Catuai
Roast profile: Espresso
Tasting profile: Chocolate, Nougat, Almond, Dried Prune
Picking seasson: Apr – Sept.
Q score: 84.5 pts