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Ishurwe is a Kirundi word, meaning flower. We are very excited to offer our first coffee from Izuba that is exclusively from the association’s female producers. The women that produce the coffee for this lot are situated across the hills that surround Izuba, with a total of 454 contributors to the lot this season.

All the purchased cherry is hand-sorted before a pre-pulp float, where any under ripe or damaged cherry is removed. The selected cherry is now pulped in preparation for fermentation. The now parchment coffee is fermented in concrete fermentation tanks for an average of 12 hours under water. During this time, the fermenting parchment is agitated several times throughout the day.

After fermentation, coffee is released into a serpentine grading channel. This process separates parchment into different density grades. During this process, parchment is continuously agitated to encourage lower density parchment to float, and to clean residual mucilage from the parchment. At this point, coffee is taken to a pre-drying area where the parchment is hand-sorted to remove insect-damaged, discoloured or chipped beans. The parchment is laid out to dry and turned on a regular basis throughout the day for between 15 and 20 days depending on the climate.


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Burundi Ishurwe

Region: Runiny, Kayanza Province
Producer: Gombe, The Coffee Gardens
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1500 – 1700  masl.
Variety: Red Bourbon
Roast profile: Filter / Espresso
Tasting profile: blackberry, red apple, peach
Picking season: Apr – Jul  2022
Q score: 86.5 pts