ružový grep, tropic ovocie, rum, grenadína

Anserma is located in the western area of the department of Caldas. It is an agricultural center where the cultivation of coffee stands out. The cooperative started operating in 1967. It has an extensive knowledge and experience in the commercialization of coffee, and the support of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers of Caldas. It operates in the municipalities of: Anserma, Risaralda, San José, Belalcázar and Viterbo.

Its main purpose is the commercialization of coffee and other agricultural products seeking to promote and improve the economic, social, technical and cultural conditions of the associates, as long as as these are linked to the agricultural activity and especially to the production of coffee in all its areas.

The cooperative has 2,083 associated coffee growers who cultivate excellent quality coffee with dedication and passion. Amongst coffee they also grow crops like sugarcane and bananas to sell for income.

The Cooperative with the new General Manager Luis Miguel have looked to embrace technology and teh shift towards specialty coffee production. They have been building temperature controlled areas in the warehouse for looking after the micro lots that the producers deliver. As well as this at the coopertive they have started to experiment with producing naturals for the first time without putting the risk on the producer.

The coopertive invested in a Nuna Coffee drying box that can regulate the temperature and the humidity too dry the coffee to initially create a proof of concept to produce naturals which proved successful.

The cooperative now has a wet mill where they can receive a and process cherry from the local producers. The coffee is delivered and is then screened with a new colour sorter for cherry that can screen 16 tons per hour. From here the coffee is then floated and placed into sealed plastic containers to anaerobically ferment for 96 hours.

The coffee is then taken to a mechanical silo where they start to dry it slowly without moving the coffee. Once the moisture has reduced they then begin to move the coffee in the silo’s. In total in takes about 100 hours to dry the coffee from start to finish. The coffee is then packed in grain pro in the parchment and they then mill it to be made ready for export.


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Colombia Siracusa

Region: Anserma, Caldas
Producer: Siracusa
Process: Natural Anaerobic
Altitude: 1800  masl.
Variety: Castillo
Roast profile: Filter
Tasting profile: Pink grapefruit, tropical fruit, rum, grandine
Crop: Oct – Dec 2022
Q score: 87 pts