Hacienda Sonora

hnedé korenie, čokoláda, sušené ovocie, limetka

Hacienda Sonora sits at the foot of the Poas Volcano. The farm operates on 100% renewable energy generated by a hydroelectric generator that transform rushing rivers into energy. The energy fuels the wet and dry mills and provides free electricity for everyone living and working on the farm. On the whole, Hacienda Sonora has shared their success generously, paying fair wages to all workers and bolstering the local community economy.

Hacienda Sonora has its own micromill, which enables the farm to keep lots separated by variety and create unique microlots. The mill is centrally located, right next to a traditional sugarcane mill that’s been preserved intact for over 150 years. Honey processing help reduce waste water and protect Hacienda Sonora and the surrounding environment. Compared to washed process, honey processing saves more than 3 gallon per pound of coffee. Producing a single 69kg bag of honey processed coffee can save more than 455 gallons of water. In fact, to better protect the environment, all coffees at Hacienda Sonora are either honey or natural processed.


After selective handpicking, ripe cherry is pulped. Parchment and mucilage are then laid to dry on either the farm’s raised beds or its patio where it is turned frequently to promote even drying.



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Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora

Region: Valle Central
Producer: Alajuela, Grecia Diego Guardia
Process: Honey
Altitude: 1200 – 1300  masl.
Variety: Bourbon, Catuai
Roast profile: Espresso, Filter
Tasting profile: brown spice, chocolate, dried fruit, lime
Crop Oct – Mar 2021
Q score: 87 pts