Burundi Yandaro

citrusy, červené jablko, marhuľa

The station serves 3,193 local coffee producers from 22 hills around the station. The average altitude in the area is 1,800m. During the harvest season, Yandaro processes more than 1,200 metric tonnes of coffee. The region has a mild climate with average temperatures between 18 and 25° Celsius, depending on the altitude.


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Burundi Yandaro

Region: Ngozi, Ruhororo
Producer: Ryarunyinya CWS
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1500 – 1800  masl.
Variety: Red Bourbon
Roast profile: Filter, Espresso
Tasting profile: citrus fruit, red apple, peach
Picking seasnon: March – July
Q score: 87 pts