Las Nubes

Chuťový profil: čerešňa, červené jablko, lieskový orech, mliečna čokoláda

Finca Las Nubes is owned by Fernando Gutiérrez and the farm name translates and ‚Farm of the clouds‘. The farm is situated at 1400 – 1500 masl and is planted with varitals bourbon, catuai and pacamara in the rich volcanic soil of the land. The farm follows the practices of Blue Harvest and those that are taught at the Renacer field school. The farm also have shade tress planted named pepeto and cuje as well as using cover crops to help fix nitrogen into the soil and retain moisture.

In the harvest Fernando ensures that the coffee is picked at its ripest moment looking at the colour and the brix to help with the timing of selection. From here Fernando then has the cherry taken down to the San Rafael wet mill. This the mill has processed 640 lots which are all then cupped and assesses separately.

At the will wet mill the coffee is floated and screened again before then being pulped and there being as much mucilage left as possible on the coffee seeds. From here it is then taken to the raised beds where it is dried for upto 25 days. Usually the coffee is on the beds between 0800 – 14:30 and turned each hour before being covered in the late afternoon.



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El Salvador Las Nubes

Region Canoón Los Naranjos, Juayúa
Producer: Fernando Gutiérrez
Farm: Los Nubes
Altitude: 1400 – 1800  m.a.s.l.
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Honey
Tasting profile: cherry, red apple, hazelnut, milk chocolate
Harvest: Oct-Mar 2022
Q score: 84,75 pts