citrón, čierny čaj, čokoláda, nektarinka

Uraga washing station receives cherry from farmers in the surrounding region. The station is located in Guji, a coffee growing region that was once part of Yirgacheffe but whose microclimate produces such unique coffee, that it was allocated as its own coffee growing region.

Farmers selectively handpick ripe cherry and deliver it to Uraga. Cherry is hand sorted at intake, pulped and fermented for 48 hours. After fermentations, parchment is washed and then soaked in clear water before being brought to the raised drying beds where it will sundry for approximately 18 days.



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Ethiopia Uraga

Region: Guji
Producer: Uraga
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1925 – 1945  masl.
Variety: JARC varieties
Roast profile: Filter / Espresso
Tasting profile: lemon, black tea, chocolate, nectarine
Picking season: Nov – Jan 2021
Q score: 86.5 pts