Kiunyu AA

brusnica, mandarínka, kvetinová, med

This Fully washed lot is cultivated by smallholders in Kirinyaga and processed at Kiunyu washing station in Kiandumu. Farmers cultivate small farms of approximately 250 to 350 trees at altitudes of 1,650+ meters above sea level. The high altitudes provide the warm days and cool nights that help nurture sweet, dense cherry. This coffee is fragrant with florals, sweet berries and black tea.

Smallholders selectively handpick only ripe cherry and deliver it to Kiunyu Factory. At intake, the Cherry Clerk oversees meticulous visual sorting and floating, accepting only dense, ripe cherry.

After intake, cherry is pulped and fermented. Following fermentation, coffee is washed in clean water and laid to dry on raised beds. Workers rake parchment frequently to ensure even drying. They cover drying parchment during the hottest time of day, to maintain slow, even drying and at night, to shelter parchment from moisture.

Kenyan coffees are classified by size. AA beans are the largest size. AA grade coffees are those that are 17/18.5 screen size, meaning that they are larger than 7.2 millimeters.



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Kenya Kiunyu AA

Region: Kirinyaga, Kiandumu
Producer: Kiunyu
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1670 masl.
Variety: SL 28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Roast profile: Filter
Tasting profile: cranberry, tangerine, floral, honey
Picking season: Nov – Jan 2022
Q score: 88 pts