PERU Dolores
Concepcion Arvalo

karamel, horká čokoláda, pomaranč, slivky

Very few women who farm coffee in Peru have the opportunity to sell micro-lots under their own names.

With the help of The Asociación de Productore Cafetaleros Juan Marco “El Palto” (JUMARP) and their Mujeres program, Dolores Concepcion Visalot Arvalo, has been able to overcome the multiplicity of barriers making women’s names on micro-lots so rare. We are proud to offer this microlot with Dolores’ name.

Dolores Concepcion Visalot Arvalo carefully farms her small 4.5 hectares farm,  Finca Yungasuyo, with stringent attention to detail. The farm is located in the green hills of Lonya Grande in Amazonas, Peru. The region’s reputation for specialty coffee is steadily growing.




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Peru Dolores Concepcion Arvalo


Region Lonya Grande, Amazonas
Producer: Dolores Concepcion   Visalot Arvalo
Farm: Finca Yungasuyo
Altitude: 1500  m.a.s.l.
Variety: Catimor, Costa Rica, Pache
Process: Natural
Tasting profile: caramel, dark chocolate, orange, plum
Harvest: 07/2020
Q score: 85 pts